Here you will find the documentation on the features in the Groups part of the framework.

Documentation may be incomplete and might need additions, we will update this when we can.

For Server owner/Admin Details on using the Groups System check out the Introduction Page


using Eco.EM.Framework.Groups;

Extensions - Using the Groups For your own mods

//This will get a group, if it doesn't exist specify if it will create the group or not
GroupsManager.API.GetGroup(string group, bool true/false);
//This will get all of the available groups
//This will get all the groups the user is in and check if any of those groups have permission to use the commands
GroupsManager.API.UserPermitted(User user, permssion)

Ease Of Use:

public static void yourfunction(string groupName)
// assign group to a var to make your life easier when looking for groups
    Group group = GroupsManager.API.GetGroup(groupName);

// Used to save your group based configuration to the groups file useful if you want a group to be able to have specific settings