• Record and look up almost all relevant game actions to enfore server rules, clear up confusion and fix unintended side effects from for example faulty civics.
  • Players only have access to their own events wile admins can access everything.
  • Low performance impact in terms of both CPU and RAM.
  • Low disk space usage. Around 500 MB for a regular cycle and around 1gb for a a high intensity server such as White Tiger.


  • Unzip the archive into the server root directory (where the .exe is). This will place all the files in their place automatically.
  • Ensure that C++ redistributables 2012 are installed.


There are two ways to configure Chronicler.

  1. Use the server GUI to configure to change the config parameters found under the Chronicler tab.
  2. Copy the Chronicler.eco.Template file in /Configs and rename it Chronicler.eco and change the config parameters in that file.

Configuration Parameter Documentation

Name Possible Values Default Value Description
RecordEvents True/False True Determines whether or not game events should be recorded.
PerformanceCounterInterval Positive non decimal number 15 Determines what interval (in minutes) to use for the performance counters in the status displays.
LogLevel DebugVerbose, Debug, Warning, Information, Error, Silent Information Determines what message types will be printed to the server log. All message types below the selected one will be printed as well.
StorageDirectory Any valid path relative to the server executable. Storage\Mods\Chronicler Determines the directory used for all file storage. The path is relative to the server root directory. Requires restart.
DatabaseName Any valid file name without extension. Chronicle Determines the name of the database file without extension. Requires restart.


Chronicler records actions as they are made in the game and the main way to interact with the plugin is via Commands. Players are only able to query commands pertaining to their own actions while admins have access to a wider array of quering commands.

See the Commands List for a full description of all available commands.

Prefixes and Default Parameters

The list of commands is long, but they generally follow a repeating pattern of prefixes to make them easier to remember.

See the table below for an example of these prefixes and their default parameters.

Prefix Example Description Required Parameters Default Parameters
No Prefix Trash Queries all trash related events. None Page = 1
Location LocationTrash Queries all trash related events at and around the specified location. X, Y, Z Page = 1
MyLocation MyLocationTrash Queries all trash related events at your current location. None Radius = 5, Page = 1
User UserTrash Queries all trash related events involving the specified player. UserName or ID Page = 1
My MyTrash Queries all trash related events involving you. None Radius = 5, Page = 1


The output window for queries is only able to display 200 entries. In order to get around this, Chronicler uses pages.

A page is simply a set of 200 eventsand it's always the last parameter for any query command and it defaults to 1, which means you will always see the most recent events first.

Output Example

Sample Output of Chron-MyLoc

Updates & Mod Compatibility

The method by which Chronicler saves events relies on being able to identify an item, object, block etc using only one number.

A side effect of this is that if the set of items etc changes and offsets these ID numbers, Chronicler may show the wrong items when quering events made before the set of items was changed.

If this has happened, Chronicler will mark these events as "untrustworthy". Keep an eye out for the yellow exlamation mark visible in the image below to make sure that you do not act on erroneous information.

Dirty Event Example

Status & Event Information

Chronicler allows you to view both information about the state of the plugin, but also about events being sent to the server.

You can view this information by either opening the Display tab under the Chronicler tab in the server GUI, or by using the Status command ingame.

Status Sample Output


If you are having issues or want to give feedback, please make a post in the Eco World Mods section of the Modding Community Discord.


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