EM Framework Documentation

Here you will find all the documentation on our Framework.

Our framework is useful for extending eco modding and server controls, we aim to provide a easy to use, features, additions and anything you might need when making mods for eco!

EM Framework - Elixr Mods Framework for Eco - Modding Extensions, Admin tools, Modding tools The em framework is designed for server owners, admins, and modders to make things even easier when trying to add new features to eco by providing you things when you need them without the hassel of trying to make them, EM Framework is also designed to help with mod compatibilites making as many mods as compatible as possible.

The EM Framework has many features and namespaces, here you will find a list of all the namespaces and features inside each one for you too use,

For Server owners / Admins we have added a permissions system in the 2.0.0 release that helps you to give users access to special commands and more through groups: IE: Bob donated and you add bob to the VIP group, You also let the vip group fly, More can be found in the Groups section


Here we have documentation on each namespace and what it offers you as a modder - You can find the links just above.

Some Aspects of each namespace has Very Intricate Methods and systems so, Those ones have been given their own page as a sub item.

For Server Owners

Groups System

What do groups offer you as a server owner?

Groups offer you the chance to assign users to a newly made group and allows you and modders alike to Assign configuration settings per mod or even allow the group to use a specific command they normally couldn't.

Using the groups system is pretty easy as a server owner, here is a list of all the commands and how to use them as a server owner.

 // Used to create a new group
 Command:     /groups addgroup groupname
 Shortcut:    /grp-add groupname
 // used to delete a created group
 Command:     /groups deletegroup groupname
 Shortcut:    /grp-del groupname
 // will list all groups you have on the server
 Command:     /groups listgroups
 Shortcut:    /grp-list
 // Will list all the permissions the named group has
 Command:     /groups grouppermissions groupname
 Shortcut:    /grp-perms groupname
 // will add a user to a selected group or will create the group then add the user too it
 Command:     /groups addusertogroup username, groupname
 Shortcut:    /grp-adduser username
 // will remove a user from that group, if the group doesn't exist it will tell you
 Command:     /groups removeuserfromgroup username, groupname
 Shortcut:    /grp-remuser username
 //forces the groups system to save everything just incase a save fails
 Command:     /groups forcesave
 Shortcut:    /grp-fs

All commands that use a username are case sensitive so make sure your naming is correct otherwise it will say that user doesn't exist

Config File Structure - If you are not comfortable editing this file then please just use the in game commands - Located in Configs/Mods/EM/Groups/ElixrMods-GroupsData.json

     "Groups": [ //each group added
         "GroupName": "admin",
         "GroupUsers": [
                 "Name": "User",
                 "SlgID": "slg",
                 "SteamID": ""
         "Permissions": [
                 "$type": "Eco.EM.Homes.HomeConfig, em-home",
                 "CalorieCost": 500,
                 "MaxTeleports": 5,
                 "MaxHomeCount": 5
         "GroupName": "default",
         "GroupUsers": [],
         "Permissions": [
                 "$type": "Eco.EM.Homes.HomeConfig, em-home",
                 "CalorieCost": 500,
                 "MaxTeleports": 5,
                 "MaxHomeCount": 1
     "AllUsers": [ // All users that login to the server
             "Name": "User",
             "SlgID": "slg",
             "SteamID": ""

Permissions System

The Permissions Part of the permissions system is what we use for granting groups use of commands and more.

How to use as a server owner:

 // Used to give groups permission to use a command
 Command:     /CommandPermissions grant command, groupname
 Shortcut:    /grant-command command, groupname
 // Used to revoke a groups permission to a command
 Command:     /CommandPermissions revoke command, groupname
 Shortcut:    /revoke-command command, groupname
 //this is used to allow Admins or users default access to their default commands
 Command:     /CommandPermissions setbehaviour admin/user, true/false
 Shortcut:    /behaviour-command admin/user, true/false

The "command" In the commands is any command in the eco game, regardless if its registered by a mod or a core command!

If it exists in Eco we can get the command.

You can now use shortcuts to assign commands to a group!

Here are some examples of using the commands:

//Using the proper command
 /CommandPermissions grant fly, VIP
 /grant-command fly, VIP
 //this gives the group VIP access to use the /fly command

//Using a shortcut
 /CommandPermissions grant fgive, VIP
 /grant-command fgive, VIP
 //this gives the group VIP access to use the /fgive or /force give command

 /CommandPermissions revoke fly, VIP 
 /revoke-command fly, VIP
 // Will take away the ability for the VIP group to use the /fly command

 /CommandPermissions setbehaviour admin, false 
 /behaviour-command admin, false
 // will mean any user that was made an admin will not have access to admin commands anymore
 // and you will need to assign then use of admin commands via a group.

 /CommandPermissions setbehaviour user, false 
 /behaviour-command user, false
 // will mean any user that is not in a group or an admin, will not be able to use any command without being in a group